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Free Listings and Enhanced Listings

Free Listing -

A listing with your business name and telephone number is free in both the alphabetical directory and the category directory. Limited to one category. (A free listing does not include the address, however, some addresses are included free at our discretion.) All telephone numbers are in a format recognized by mobile devices, plus they have coded "tel" tags that also alert mobile devices it is a telephone number. The number can be dialed simply by tapping it on the screen. Users can also easily save it to their phone address book.

Your free or paid listing will be included in both the alphabetical white pages and in the category based yellow pages.

Email your free listing information to dan@33040.com or dan@blueplanetoffices.com.

Google Linked Address

Have your address included for only $4.95 per year. Your address will be clickable on a computer or just touch the address on a smart phone or other device and it automatically loads Google Maps and shows the location of your business.

Enhanced Listings -

An Enhanced Listing includes your address after your business name in the directories. The business name is linked to what we call a Detail Page. You could also call it a display ad. Tapping the name or clicking it on a computer brings up the Detail Page. On the Detail Page the address has a link that causes the location of your business to display on Google Maps when the address link is tapped on a phone or clicked on a computer.

Your business name is a link to a separate small Detail Page that provides your name, address and telephone number together with your website URL (web address) and optionally an email address. These are all live links. You can also describe your business, provide hours of operation and other information of your choice up to 250 words. An Enhanced Listing is only $19.95 per year.

Click on Blue Planet Offices, Inc. in either directory to see an example of an enhanced listing.

The Detail Page is a quick and easy way to provide the viewer with important information and to provide a link to your web page and other contact and promotional information.

Added Features for Enhanced Listings -

Restaurants can have a menu stored on the site (in PDF format) linked to their Enhanced Listing Detail Page for an additional amount of only $14.95 per year. Click for Detailed Info on placing your menu on the site.

If you would like to be listed in more than one category, each additional category is $9.95.


An added listing in the 24 Hr. & Late Late Night category is $19.95. You must have an Enhanced Listing in the main directory. The Late Night directory is additional. It is linked to your Detail Page as is the Enhanced Listing.

Category Additions at No Charge

We will add a category to the Category Directory (Yellow Pages) at no charge. See the signup form to request a new category.

Future changes to the Detail Page can be made at any time for a fee of $5.00. Any errors are corrected at no charge.

BIG AND BOLD - Make your company name Larger and in Bold to stand out for just $30.00 more per year. Stand out from the competition, just like in the original Yellow and White Pages, but for much less money and we don't charge you every month like the phone company did.

Photographs - Add a photograph or other image to your Detail Page to get the viewers immediate attention and show what you offer for just $20.00 (per image) more per year. You can have up to 6 photos/graphics on the Detail Page.

See the Blue Planet Security Corp. listing for examples of BIG and BOLD listings and also with a logo or other image on the Detail Page.


Directory Order Form PDF
(Use the printed order form if you would like to mail in a check or if you would like to pay with a credit card by mail or by fax.)

Additional Information -

The lists are not in a final form. Once they are compiled they will be divided into letter groups and there will be a selection box on the listing page to link to groups of listings. There will also be a link to view the entire directory.

One advantage of our directory is that it will work and appear correctly on any computer or any type of mobile device. Over half the U.S. population has smart phones. Most of the remainder have mobile phones, most of which have web access but no ability to download applications. No application download is required. It will work on phones that have web access but do not have the ability to install applications and will work on all types of smart phone operating systems. (An IOS and Android application with additional features will be available for download by smart phones in the future.)

Email your free listing information to dan@keysvoice.com or dan@blueplanetoffices.com.

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